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    <p>Casual <strong>trainers</strong> used for sports or for more formal occasions are becoming increasingly fashionable and growing in popularity. We are well aware of this at Paralel Store, and that’s why we are offering you <strong>the best collection of casual footwear</strong> available right now.</p> <p>You’ll find men's casual trainers from leading brands and manufacturers worldwide, as well as all kinds of women's high-quality casual trainers that, aside from doing sports, allow you to always look stylish.</p> <p>Not surprisingly, the casual or sporty look is on trend and we have an extensive and varied catalogue of <strong>casual sports footwear</strong> to suit every taste, made from high-quality materials to be able to offer you a unique and exclusive product and at really competitive online prices.</p> <h2><strong>Men’s casual trainers</strong></h2> <p>Within the world of <strong>men’s casual trainers</strong> you’ll find a wide range of products <strong>made from fabric or leather</strong> in which every detail and feature has been carefully taken care of, and that are really comfortable to wear and practically suitable for all sorts of occasions.</p> <p>This means they’ll serve you to practice sports, for casual or informal attire, or even for wearing with <span style="color:#0000ff;"><a style="color:#0000ff;" title="men’s sports shorts" href="https://paralelstore.com/pantalones-para-hombre/"><strong>men’s sports shorts</strong></a></span> or single-pleat short trousers. Among the <strong>best men’s casual trainers</strong> we offer you the following models from <strong>well-known  brands such as Puma, New Balance, Etnies</strong>, exclusive models from <strong>The North Face and Tommy Jeans</strong> among many other brands.</p> <p>We change our catalogue on a daily or weekly basis, so we strongly advise you to keep a close eye on our casual men's footwear at very affordable prices.</p> <h2><strong>Casual trainers for the modern woman</strong></h2> <p>Times are changing and there are more and more models of <strong>casual footwear for women</strong> available on the market today. Women have a much wider range available to them with <strong>casual footwear for women</strong> which is very easy to combine with any type of garment or fashion accessory to achieve that perfect look.</p> <p>From <strong>casual trainers for women</strong>, to work shoes or for everyday use, footwear for an important date with which you’ll achieve a sporty, more casual look, summer or winter tennis shoes, and more minimalist footwear <strong>to create a casual feminine look effortlessly</strong>.</p> <h2><strong>Why buy casual trainers online at Paralel Store</strong></h2> <p>On our <span style="color:#0000ff;"><a style="color:#0000ff;" title="website specialising in skate and casual and urban clothing" href="https://paralelstore.com/"><strong>website specialising in skate and <em>casual and urban clothing,</em></strong></a></span>you’ll benefit from <strong>free delivery on orders over €50</strong>. We have extensive experience within the streetwear and <span style="color:#0000ff;"><a style="color:#0000ff;" href="https://paralelstore.com/skateboard/"><strong>skateboarding</strong></a></span> sector, where we’ve been very successful. <strong>In just 24-48 hours you’ll receive your order at home </strong> and be ready to roll with this elegant and practical casual footwear.</p> <p>Another advantage of <strong>buying footwear at </strong> Paralel Store is that we work with leading brands and so we always offer you exclusive <strong>fashion casual trainers</strong> that are 100% original, at unbeatable prices.</p> <p>In addition, we want to remind you that <strong> we have 2 physical stores in Pontevedra and Vilagarcía de Arousa</strong> which you can visit to try on the various models available and check out how they look before making the decision to buy them.</p> <p>We specialise in <span style="color:#0000ff;"><strong><a style="color:#0000ff;" href="https://paralelstore.com/skate-completo/">the sale of complete skateboards</a></strong></span>, all kinds of parts such as wheels and trucks <span style="color:#0000ff;"><strong><a style="color:#0000ff;" href="https://paralelstore.com/tablas-de-skate/">skateboards</a></strong></span> from leading brands in the skate world.</p> <p>And if you have any doubts, you can talk to our in-store staff who will be more than happy to answer your questions so that you can make the perfect purchase.</p>

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