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The best Skate bearings

If you’re interested in buying bearings for your skateboard and wheels, here you’ll find the best models from leading brands. Bearings are the part located inside each skate wheel, and thanks to them, we are able to skate at higher or lower speeds.

At Paralel Store, you’ll find an extensive catalogue of models at highly affordable prices if you’re looking for a change of wheels, or just the bearings.

Skate bearing features

Skate bearings come in different materials, such as silicon, ceramic... though most bearings are made of steel.

Something that you should know is that they are classified through a scale known as ABEC, which basically measures the tolerances of ball bearings.

Therefore, on the market you will come across different tolerance classes for bearings, such as ABEC 7 and other numbers, which doesn’t mean that ABEC 7 is better than ABEC 3.

The key fact about bearings is that, without them, it would be almost impossible for us to be able make turns when we are up on our boards.

When to replace them

If you want to know how often you should change them, it’s important to know that they have a much lower wear rate that other skateboard accessories such as wheels and trucks.

To extend their useful life even further, we advise you to try to skate on even surfaces, and to avoid puddles and wet surfaces as much as you can.

Price of Skate bearings

Our Paralel Store for skate bearings offers the best manufacturers in this type of skateboarding accessory at unbeatable prices.

Affordable skate bearings from Arrow, Mosaic and the well-known Flip ABEC 7 or 5 bearings with which you’ll be able to practice your favourite sport at your best.

Cleaning skate bearings

For proper maintenance and to extend the useful life of the bearings, it’s important to look after them so we’re going to explain to you how to clean your skateboard bearings in a professional, simple and easy way.

All you need to do is take them out of the skate wheels and remove the shields that come with them. To clean them, it is best to use a degreaser and water. Then leave them out to dry and when they are properly dried, apply lubricant to the bearings before putting them back on the wheels.

So now you know. If you want to buy the best affordable skate bearings and of the highest quality, it’s really quite simple. Select the model you need, place it in your basket, enter your data, make the payment and within 24-48 hours you’ll receive your order at home or wherever you want.

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