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Welcome to the wonderful world of Skateboards. Because, it’s not just that this sport has recently become an Olympic sport, it’s that it’s a lifestyle and a way of life!

If you’re thinking about buying a Skateboard online but don’t know what you need to consider, don’t worry.

At Paralel Store, we’ve been around the world of skateboarding for a long time and we’re going to help you solve any questions you may have when it comes to buying a skateboard.

Types of skateboards

There’s a huge range of skateboards on the market so, if you’re not much of an expert, it can be a bit of a challenge. There are a few things you should take into account when deciding where to buy a skateboard.

Short skateboards

These types of boards are usually less wide and lighter in weight, which makes it easier for you to do flips than if you had a larger board. These features also mean that they provide lower stability than those with bigger dimensions.

Wider and longer skateboards

These boards are heavier than the ones mentioned above and are easier to control at higher speeds. Furthermore, thanks to the larger deck you’ll be able to do more stunts, as you’ll have more space to manoeuvre when you land.

As you can see, there are lots of skateboards to choose from but one thing they’re not, is gender-specific, meaning, there are no skateboards for men specifically or for women, or even children, although obviously, it’s better if children use short skateboards depending on their age.

Skateboard measurements

One of the most important things to consider is the size of the skateboard, more specifically its width, which is usually indicated in inches. Measurements range between 7 and 9 inches approximately. For your information, an inch is exactly 2.54 centimetres.

Another aspect to take into account is the length of the skateboard. Among professionals, the rule is that the length of the skateboard shouldn’t measure more than the length of your legs, which will give you much more control over your board. The wider the skateboard, the longer it will be.

What skate shoes to use

Ideally, your skate shoes should not exceed the width dimensions of your skateboard, otherwise you’ll lose stability and it will be harder for you to keep your balance, although you can skate perfectly well with big shoes.

We remind you that on our online Skate store you’ll find the best styles in skate shoes, from leading brands and at unbeatable prices.

Best brands in skateboards

If you want to buy affordable, top-quality skate boards, you’ll find them at Paralel Store. We work with leading skateboarding brands worldwide to offer you the best products at unbeatable prices.

You’ll find skateboards from Jart or Deathwish, benchmark companies in the skateboarding world.

We also sell skateboards from Baker, Enjoi, Palace and Almost, all of them top-quality and carefully designed to the last detail, to achieve unique boards with beautiful, eye-catching designs.

In addition, our website offers all kinds of accessories to complete your skateboard purchase. From skate wheels of different levels of hardness and those ever so important skateboarding trucks.

Stakeboard Outlet

Our website also offers affordable skateboards with large and juicy discounts in our outlet section, at unbeatable prices.

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